• Thomas van Grootel

Rowing the Indian Ocean

In 2018, a four man crew - Skipper Billy Taylor, Barry Hayes, James Plumley and Robin Buttery, attempted to row 3,600 nautical miles in a 29 foot long ocean rowing boat. For Robin, living with early onset Parkinson's, the challenge was even more immense.

The crew aimed to improve and build the support network for those diagnosed with Parkinson’s at a young age, while promoting the benefits of exercise and healthy living as a way of improving the symptoms associated with Parkinson’s.

I met the Crew in June 2018, when they came into the electronics store where I worked to buy a drone. Later, I came down to meet them where they were staying - and preparing their ocean rowing boat, the 'No Great Shakes', for the journey. I did a short interview with Billy and Robin:

The team were successful in their journey - rowing from Geraldton, Western Australia to Port-au-Prince, Mauritius in 70 days. Once back home in the U.K, Billy sent me a link to the footage they had taken while at sea. With this footage, I put together the following film 'No Great Shakes'.

In 2020, Billy is undertaking two more massive rows, across the Atlantic, and across the Indian - from Australia to Africa.

You can follow the crew and their progress here:

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